A blog about community filmmaking and new developments in documentary by Suzanne Cohen, filmmaker and lecturer in at London Metropolitan University.

More about me:
I originally studied animation production. I wrote and directed ‘Ice Cream and Jelly and a Punch in the Belly’ for Channel Four Formations series in the UK, and went on to work on commercials, short films and title sequences including the BBC programme ‘What makes us tick?’

In the last few years I’ve turned to documentary making as this offers scope for story and character development. My documentary ‘Beautiful Sentence’ was made at HMP Bronzefield Women’s prison and is being screened at the House of Commons in June and July 2011. A separate animated film made with women in the prison won a Koestler Trust Platinum Award in 2009.

Apart from film production I run numerous animation and film workshops in colleges, universities, community centres and at the British Museum’s Digital Discovery Centre.

In 2010 I was commissioned by Camden Council to make a series of short films with and about young people, in order to challenge stereotypes and to show that they are engaged in positive activities in the community.

Hope you like my blog,

Documentary Darling


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